Muscaliet Press, established in 2017 and shortlisted for the Michael Marks Publishers’ Award 2022, is an independent publisher of poetry, short fiction and creative nonfiction. Our aim is to publish new work which is innovative and embodies this approach: bold, interdisciplinary, interweaving, fluid, processual writing, both formal and free-form.

The muscaliet is a hybrid, mythical beast: it is a combination of a hare, squirrel, weasel and boar. Similarly, we believe that writing is a process of synthesis; of arranging, combining, contrasting and layering ideas through language.

We are interested in writing that is not afraid to explore, expand and challenge the definitions of traditional forms, ideas and theories. We are fascinated by the interplay of different written forms of expression, and the process of collaboration between writers: the correspondence of ideas and forms.

Our vision is to encourage and champion writers new and established who work within or across genres, modes, forms, or anywhere in between.


Make a Donation

We believe that all forms of creative writing should be supported, and that publishing writing is a crucial part of that process. While we rely on book sales to support us, we would also greatly appreciate and are thankful for any donations made to the press. This will support our continuing work and contribution to the arts.





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