From 2019-2021, Muscaliet partnered with the University of Essex to publish the Department of Literature, Film and Theatre Studies’ student anthology of creative writing, Creel.

A creel is a large wicker basket made for holding fish – and appropriately, the anthology always features a variety of compelling, strong, and innovative pieces of creative writing that represent the best of the university’s creative talent.

The work in the anthology is selected, designed and typeset entirely by a student editorial team – an admirable feat that further showcases their drive and dedication.

Both editions of Creel published by Muscaliet are available to purchase from our web store.


Creel 5 Editorial Team



Ezgi Gürhan

Associate Editors

Hannah Bransom

Loren Ennis

Saffron Forde

Sam Geden

Fanny Haushalter

Sophie Jeans

Jennifer Li

Cristina Pozo Huertas

Tal Rejwan

Minn Yap

Creel 6 Editorial Team



Minn Yap

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Saffron Forde

Associate Editors

Thomas Allpress

Amanda Boakye–Duah

Ioana Bonaparte

Timothy Chante

Christian Frantz

Joseph Holmes

Natalia Kollarova

Cristina Pozo Huertas

Amani Salih

Laura Yates

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