The Quarantine Notebooks

In March 2020, at the start of lockdown, we invited the Muscaliet authors to join us in a very informal project.  There were no rules. We simply agreed to share whatever we could write each week. All we had to do was to keep on writing.

We already knew that if you ask our authors to write, the results will be exciting. In fact, their response was breath-taking. Over 12 weeks, a steady stream of lively, provocative work arrived in the Muscaliet inbox as Simon Smith, Philip Terry, Chris McCully, Ian Brinton, Michael Grant, Duncan MacKay, John Worthen, Simon Everett and Moyra Tourlamain contributed poems, translations, drama, essays and aphorisms to what has become a remarkable record of creative resilience in the face of isolation and insecurity.

Our thanks go to these authors for allowing us now to share their work more widely.

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