Army of Lovers – David Flusfeder and Mark Springer


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ISBN 978-1-912616-06-0 | Libretto; Drama; Literary Criticism | B Format (UK), Paperback, 48pp

Army of Lovers is the first opera collaboration between the novelist David Flusfeder and the pianist/composer Mark Springer. It draws from the legend of the Sacred Band of Thebes, as documented by Plutarch: 150 pairs of male lovers who were the crack fighting troops of the Theban army. Army of Lovers is a drama of love and patriotism, eros and identity, belonging and faith.

Included here is an extract of Plutarch’s original text; the libretto of the opera along with selections from the score; an essay on the Sacred Band’s place in queer history by Professor David Leitao; and afterwords from the writer, composer, and the director of its first UK production, at The Playground Theatre, London.

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