Itchy – Adam Neikirk



28pp, 175mm x 160mm (Poetry)

Cover ‘Emerald’, Endpapers ‘Adriatic’ by G.F. Smith

Series 1, Pamphlet No. 9

Limited run of 80 copies

Text © Adam Neikirk 2022

ISBN 978-1-912616-22-0

In stock

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The poet is itchy: there’s a nagging irritation that will not be satisfied no matter how much Neikirk writes it out. Through wandering trains of nightly thoughts, uncomfortable real-life situations, and the haunting words and philosophies of the Romantics, we are taken on a journey of hard truths and uneasy revelations; an unsteady reiteration of Neikirk’s own experience that stirs an itchiness in the reader. Could this simply require a change of washing detergent, or will the itch persist…?

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